Stuffed pike with sauce


  • Round onions 2 pcs. 160 g
    100 ml of sunflower oil 100 ml
    Wheat flour 2 p. 20 g
    2 pinches of black pepper powder, 2 g
    Sour cream 120 g 120 g
    Salt 1 tbsp. 6 g
    Food vinegar 1 p. X 10 ml
    Full pike 800 g 800 g

How to do it:

1For this dish, we will need one whole pound of fish and a handful of small onions, with rounded onions, vegetable oil, sour cream, wheat flour, ground black pepper, vinegar and salt.

2Clean the fish. Cut off the head and remove the insides. Rinse thoroughly under running water

3Clean the onion and chop it.

4Cut the pike into pieces and season with pepper. Stir and leave for 10 minutes.

5Bake in a flat bowl or mold, without layers. Put the onion on top and pour a little water. Bake for 20 minutes over low heat.

6Bake the flour.

7Pour 100 ml of flour into the flour and knead well, without lumps. Add sour cream and vinegar on top, stir well

8Put the flour in the saucepan with the fish and bake for another 10 minutes. Put the finished fish in a deep bowl, place it on the toast and season with the sauce. Mix fresh vegetables with fish. Have a nice meal.