Rice and liver pancakes


  • Beef liver 1000 g per 1 kg
    Round onions 2 pcs. 160 g
    Sunflower oil 6 p. 108 ml
    Wheat flour 1 pc. 10 g
    Black pepper powder 1 tbsp. 3 g
    Rice 200 g 200
    Salt 1 tbsp. 6 g
    Egg 3 pcs. 3 sq.

How to do it:

1You will need beef liver, rounded onions, eggs, rice, wheat flour, vegetable oil, and black pepper salt to make marmalade.

2Wash rice thoroughly. Then cook in a large amount of water. Filter the boiled rice and cool.

3Onions clean and cut into 4 slices.

4Wash and dry your liver with a paper towel. Then it is driven by a meat grinder.

5Add the rice to the minced liver. Pour the flour, eggs and salt pepper.

6Stir thoroughly.

7Put a little vegetable oil in the pan and heat it well. After heating, remove the minced liver with a tablespoon. Roast the ready-made parsley in a hot vegetable snack.