Pork tongue to taste


  • 1 bay leaf 2 g
    50 g of butter 50 g
    Pink pepper 0.5 p. 4 g
    Pork 600 g 600 g
    Italy grass mix 2 g 2 g
    Salt 3 g 3 g
    2 g of fresh anise
    500 g of pickled white beans 500 g

How to do it:

1For this dish we will need the following ingredients: 3 pieces of pork tongue, aromatic spices, butter, salt and white beans.

2Wash the pork tongue, pour boiling water over it, cook for 5 minutes, then drain the water.

3Then put them in clean boiling water again and put 8 pieces of basil leaves on top. Salt and cook for 1.5 hours over medium heat.

4Dip the prepared tongue in cold water and leave to peel for 1 minute.

5Cut the cleaned tongue into triangles 5 mm wide.

6Lubricate the grill with vegetable or butter, put your tongue on the anise and cover with a couple of layers. Top with a piece of butter. Season with fragrant salt, season with spices and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 150 degrees.

7Delicious sweet tongue ready! Season the sauce with the oil you have roasted and cook well.