Sushi (cherry coil)


  • Seaweed 1 pc. 1 sq.
    100 g of rice 100 g
    Salad leaf 0.25 bunch 17.5 g
    Salmon 30 g 30 g

How to do it:

1For this coil we need fish and rice, of course, for sauces, salad leaves and seaweed.

2Clean the fish and cut into narrow slices. Strip the road. Lay the blanket down with the lock side down. Rice soak in wet hands. Lay out in narrow rows in advance. Take a little rice and make 3 convex.

3From above lay the sea route

4Put the fish in the lags of the river. Instead, put the lettuce leaves.

5Wrap your towel around with a towel.

6Cook the finished coil for 10-15 minutes.

7Slightly press the blade with a knife. Season with bean sauce and enjoy.