Turkey pork cutlet


  • Powder squash 4 g 4 g
    50 g of sesame seeds 50 g
    Turmeric 5 g 5 g
    Sunflower oil 4 p. 72 ml
    Wheat flour 2 p. 20 g
    Turkish peas 200 g 200 g
    Black pepper powder 5 g 5 g
    7 g of soda
    7 g of salt
    10 cloves of garlic

How to do it:

1For cutlets we can use Turkish peas, wheat flour, sesame seeds, large herbs, garlic, and any spices.

2Pour water into the peas and add 1 teaspoon of soda to it.

3Pour in water and wash the peas.

4Then crush the peas in a grinder. Or mash it with minced meat. Pour 0.5 water over it.

5The thick puree is ready

6Pour in powdered salt, salt and pepper turmeric, mix well.

7If the liquid seems to you, then knead a little flour.

8Print out in a circle. Dip the print on the seeds of the princess. The thick puree is ready.

9Heat a little oil in the pan and fry it on 2 sides. Give it a yellowish tint.

10Stir with sour cream.