Pasta, seasoned with fragrant sauce


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100 ml 100 ml
    100 g of almonds 100 g
    Pound sweet pepper 1 tbsp. 2 g
    Shaped pasta 200 g 200 g
    2 g of fresh fragrant bush 2 g
    Salt 2 g 2 g
    50 g of cheese 50 g
    Garlic 1 clove 5 g

How to do it:

1To make pasta you will need: fragrant bush, shaped pasta, olive oil, almonds, cheese, sweet pepper and salt.

2Cook in the instructions on the pasta bag.

3Cleans the almonds.

4Get almons in crusher

5Put the fragrant shrubs on the almonds. Mix and crush again.

6Grate the cheese and garlic. Prepare the peppers.

7Mix all the ingredients in the sauce. Add a little olive oil and stir

8Stir in a blender and shake until smooth.

9Our pasta is ready. Invite your guests to them.