Cheese khapapuri


  • 500 g of brousza cheese 500 g
    Margarine 50 g 50 g
    50 g of butter 50 g
    Powder black pepper. 2 pinch 2 g
    Double dough 500 g 500 g
    1 pack of fresh anise 60 g
    Egg 1 pc. 1 sq.

How to do:

1Main Ingredients: Broccoli, Flour, Eggs, Anise, Butter, Margarine.

2Chop the cheese.

3Cut the anise.

4Mix eggs, anise and cheese with butter and season with pepper.

5Now knead the flour. The width is 1-2 mm.

6Take out large cubes. The sides are 12 by 15 cm.

7Put the cheese in the flour. After pinching, leave a pinch.

8Bend the angles of the squares to the ridge.

9Lubricate the list with margarine and put the prepared mackerel on it. Set the oven to 180 ° C and bake for 30 minutes. During the baking process, allow the air to cool through a few bites.

10You can even chill the ready-made munchies.