Bag with mushrooms (similar to dumplings)


  • Chicken thigh 6 pcs. 900 g
    1 bay leaf 2 g
    Round onions 3 pcs. 240 g
    50 g of mayonnaise 50 g
    50 ml of filtered sunflower oil 50 ml
    Black pepper 5 pc. 2.5 g
    100 g of cream 100 g
    3 pinches of salt 6 g
    500 g of double dough 500 g
    Egg mushrooms 500 g 500 g

How to do:

1Main ingredients: meat, mushroom, layered dough, pepper, onion, mayonnaise, sour cream, sunflower oil.

2Cook the chicken. About 1 hour. When seasoning, add black peppercorns, one bay leaf

3While the meat is being cooked, chop the mushrooms.

4In a frying pan, grease the pan with oil and fry the mushrooms. 15 minutes

5Chop the onion.

6After 15 minutes, fry the onion for another 10 minutes.

7Wash parsley and cut into small pieces.

8Put the greens on the meat, sprinkle with parsley, and your meal is ready.

9Serve your meal with potatoes or separately. Season the top dish with fish sauce


Roll out the finished layered flour.


Roll out the flour in the size of 8×8 cm


Put each mushroom on each squid. About 1-2 tsp.


Beat the meat with flour.


Lubricate the toaster list and place the pouches on it. Bake at 180C for 30 minutes.


Serve your guests with their bags as a snack or meal. Have a nice meal.