Dumplings with curd


  • Sponge 30 g 30 g
    Yogurt 1 stack. 250 ml
    1 kg of wheat flour 1 kg
    Sugar 2 stack. 460 g
    Salt 1 pinch 2 g
    300 g curd 300 g
    Egg 1 pc. 1 sq.

How to do:

1Main ingredients: flour, curd, yogurt, sugar, yogurt, salt eggs

2Heat your pan slightly.

3Chop the egg with the heated fat.

4In the yogurt egg, crush the eggplants and mix well.

5Pour 1 glass of sugar.

6Stir all ingredients thoroughly.

7Add the flour.

8Make the dough

9Cover and put in a warm place. Cook for 30 minutes.

10After leaving the flour, knead it slightly and round it.

11Chop it.

12Knead the sliced flour. The width is 5 mm.

13Put curds, not filled with tea.

14Each pinch of dumplings

15Pour water into a saucepan and place the cookie on it. After boiling, make dumplings and bake for 5 minutes.

16Serve the finished dumplings with sour cream or jam.