Chicken plov


  • Water 1 l 1 l
    Chicken 1 kg 1 kg
    Round onions 2 pcs. 160 g
    50 ml of filtered sunflower oil 50 ml
    Carrots 1 pc. 80 g
    30 g of rice sauce with rice 30 g
    Rice 2 stack. 460 g
    Salt 1 tbsp. 12 g
    35 cloves of garlic 35 g

How to do:

1We will need chicken, rice, water, garlic, onions, carrots, salt and seasonings to make this filling.

2Chicken cut into large pieces. Salt.

3In a deep frying pan, pour the vegetable oil and heat the chicken. Bake for about 5 minutes. Immediately remove the lids and add 1 tablespoon of rice sauce with rice. .

4After 5 minutes, turn the meat over. In a sense, stir.

5At this time, chop the onion into cubes.

65 minutes after turning the meat, fry the onions in it.

7Chop the carrot into cubes.

8Put the onion and after 5 minutes, chop the carrot.

9Wash rice.

105 minutes after making the carrot, make the rice and level it with a spoon

11Pour cold water over it. The water is 2.5 cm above the water intake. Or pour 4 glasses of water. Top with a little salt.

12Cover and cook for 30 minutes. The water should all evaporate.

13Crush the garlic.

14Once all the water has disappeared, remove the pan from the heat and simmer the garlic for 10 minutes, removing the lids. That’s it, your show is ready.