Chicken breast seasoned with tomatoes and herbs


  • Grain grass 0.25 pack 15 g
    Chicken breast 1 pc. 600 g
    25 ml of vegetable oil 25 ml
    Black pepper powder 4 pinches 4 g
    Tomato 1 pc. 150 g
    4 pinches of salt 8 g

How to do:

1For this chicken meal, you will need chicken breast, large tomatoes, herbs, and black pepper salt.

2Cut the tomatoes into rings.

3 [/ dropcap] Wash and clean and cut lengthwise. Wash the grapes and, if they have bone b, cut the core and remove the bone.


4Season the meat with pepper. Put sliced tomatoes in sliced slices. [/ two_third]

5Pour the grass.

6The mouth is closed and fixed with a guide.

7Put in a heated frying pan and fry on 2 sides. Fry for 3-5 minutes on one side.